Josh Kelley and Donate Life Illinois to Ring In 2007!

We’re excited to announce that we’re helping sponsor and support Josh Kelley’s New Years Eve show at Abbey Pub here in Chicago. We couldn’t be more excited to be part of this show and if you’re planning to be in the Windy City to ring in the New Year, I offer the following five reasons why you should grab your friends, pick up some tickets today and plan to join us to ring in 2k7:

1. Josh Kelley is singing.
2. Josh Kelley is playing guitar.
3. Josh Kelley is singing and playing guitar.
4. Beer simply tastes better at Abbey pub.
5. Friends, co-workers and family will be ohhhh so jealous to hear about the amazing time you had celebrating NYE…seeing Josh Kelley sing and play guitar while enjoying a tasty beverage.

Speaking of amazing, be sure to check our profile song for a preview of some Josh Kelley NYE goodness.

Visit the link below for ticket and show details. Buy today, before prices hike!



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