Illinois Statewide Organ Donation Poll Results

We conducted a recent statewide poll that brought to light some very important facts about the status of organ donation in Illinois…namely that there is a large gap that exists between the support for donation and the ACTUAL donor registrations in Illinois.

Thus in response to the growing transplant waiting list – now up to nearly 4,700 patients in Illinois and over 94,000 nationwide- and the need to act NOW, we are proud to mark today as the official launch of the Donate Life Illinois campaign. We look forward to working hard to grow our community of supporters and advocates over the next 18 months, and ultimately reaching our goal of registering 3.5 million residents in the state’s new registry.

I’d like to share a few statistics from the poll results as well as a link to the our press release:

* Nearly 90% of Illinois adults feel that “registering to be an organ donor is the right thing to do.” YET, 40% say they have NOT registered.

* Of registered donors in Illinois, nearly half are unaware of the new Illinois donor registry established a year ago.

* Nearly 66% of registered donors are unaware of the need to re-register!

Read the press release here:

How can you help? Tell everyone you possibly know in Illinois to visit to register as an organ/tissue donor and remind those that are already registered of the need to re-register post Jan. 1, 2006. Feel free to use the message below to forward around:

Thanks for your support!
Subject: I am a registered organ/tissue donor. Are YOU? Support Donate Life Illinois!

If you haven’t, please take just 30 seconds now to just do it. Just click here to register online (or go to It’s really that easy. It’s the New Year’s resolution that you can make and keep all at the same time.

Most importantly, it will literally save and help change other peoples’ lives someday.

Important: Many people still don’t know about Illinois’ new donor registry, so we’re working to spread the word: If you haven’t signed up as a donor at the DMV or registered since Jan. 1, 2006, you need to sign up again. Just once and one time only, but it’s pretty important. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office established a new donor registry last year, so you need to join the new one to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Just go to the link above to sign up.

Please share this email with EVERYONE you know who believes in doing the right thing and thinks it’s important to help save lives.

Happy New Year! Thanks for joining us in our important campaign. To learn more about us, visit us at . While you’re there, check out who else is part of the community on our My Space page and current happenings with the campaign on our Donate Life Illinois blog!

Your friends with Donate Life Illinois!


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