Mom Finds Solace in Daughter’s Lifesaving Legacy

Joni Blackman of the Naperville Sun wrote a motivating article today about new life emerging from a tragic scenario for one local family.

Near the end of the article there is a reference to Sandy’s daughter, Olivia, being “kept alive.” I think it is important to address a key myth that exists where people often hear about “being kept alive for organ donation” and end up perceiving that to mean that an organ donor may not have already passed away prior to their organs being recovered.

The fact of the matter is that “being kept alive” actually refers to an organ donor being kept on a ventilator only after passing away for the sole purpose of maintaining oxygenation and organ function until recipients are identified and the donation surgery takes place. (Source: Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network)

It is important that myths and misunderstandings such as this that may arise, do not prohibit others from fully understanding the process of donation and prohibiting registration as an organ/tissue donor.

I think Sandy nailed the point in her story by saying, “I’ll never understand why someone wouldn’t donate organs – you’re taking gold to your grave.”



2 Responses to Mom Finds Solace in Daughter’s Lifesaving Legacy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for clarifying the particular line. There is a lot of misconceptions about organ donation in general and your explanation helps folks understand the legacy when one passes away donation his/her organs.

  2. -Scott (Campaign Manager) says:

    Certainly, anything we can do to help clarify and make sure folks understand the process thoroughly. Great site as well.

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