Daily Herald…Take a few seconds to become a donor

The Daily Herald ran an excellent letter to the editor from Megan Herdegen of McHenry, IL in today’s paper. Megan is currently awaiting a double-lung transplant. Thanks for taking the time to write in and voice your support Megan, this type of action makes a world of difference in putting the issue out in front of others and encouraging action.


p.s. you can also connect with Megan on MySpace here.

Letters to the Editor
Take a few seconds to become a donor

I am writing to commend the Daily Herald on the eye-opening editorial “Needed: organ donors to save lives” in the Feb. 9 issue.

I am among the 4,700 people in Illinois awaiting a transplant. I have been waiting since April 2006 for a new set of lungs.

Currently, my life is not the life a 27-year-old should have. Daily living for me is a chore. I am confined to oxygen and have a trache in my neck because I have to hook myself up to a ventilator every night in order to breathe.

I have been forced to put my entire life on hold. I have had to give up my freedom and independence because I have to rely on others to get through the day. Simple tasks like showering leave me exhausted and breathless.

Worst of all, I can’t enjoy my 2-year-old nephew. I cannot run and play with him. The trache prohibits me from talking, so I can’t even read him a story. He has grown up only knowing me always attached to machines and tube.

It saddens me to think that he may grow up only knowing me through pictures. It is so important to raise awareness about organ donation and the new law. The organs and tissues from just one person can save or enhance the lives of up to 25 people!

By donating your organs, you will be leaving a piece of you behind. To the person that you leave it to, you will forever be a hero. Please, register to be a donor. For the 94,000 of us out there, it’s our only hope. Just go to www.IAmAreYou.org.

It only takes 30 seconds of your time, but it could give someone all the time in the world.

Megan Herdegen


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