Life Does Go On…

I know it’s Friday and everyone is gearing up for an excellent weekend, but sometimes you’re inspired to get your thoughts down on a serious matter.

I think it’s safe to say that most folks spend the majority of their life avoiding the Obituaries section of a newspaper. It seems out of the ordinary to constantly think about death or to actually seek out articles that speak directly to the passing of another human being.

As selfish as it sounds, I personally never gave a second thought to reading an obituary until I experienced the tragic loss of a loved one. It unfortunately took that personal tie for me to open my eyes and recognize the abundant light and inspiration that an obituary page really represnts…more than a series of biographical sketches, obituaries are often honest tributes that provide insight into the accomplishments and lifetime contributions of individuals. Condensing a human being’s life into a few paragraphs can seem unfair, especially when an individual dedicates so much of their life to giving back to others.

A friend passed along this article from yesterday’s Chicago Sun-Times obituary section. With the amount of violence and tragedy in today’s world, it’s refreshing to read about someone like Owen Boehm. I may not have known Owen, but it’s impossible not to be touched by the impact that a single person like this had on society. I can only hope that people are both moved by Owen’s actions during his lifetime and motivated by his selfless lifesaving act of organ donation after he passed away.

So often, we hear older folks put forth the excuses that they are “too old” or “have organs that aren’t suitable for donation” as reasons to avoid registering as a donor. You’re NEVER too old for donation and old age should never stand as a barrier to registration. Take it from Owen.

Owen Boehm lived a fulfilling life, touched and influenced the lives of others and had no idea he would save the lives of three strangers upon passing away at 65. Rest in peace Owen and realize that your act of kindness and selfless gifts to these three strangers is something that will never be forgotten. Life does go on.



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