Postcard from Peoria

Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network sent along this great update regarding Donate Life Illinois organ donation outreach efforts in Peoria, Illinois. Thanks to the volunteers for their hard work and great job everyone!


Dee Tilton, volunteer leader for the Peoria chapter of our Donate Life Illinois-ers, emailed some great photos and an update on a donor registration effort the group organized at the Peoria Chiefs game Aug. 8. Dee reports they helped 44 people register in the state’s new organ/tissue donor registry, and writes, “We had a wonderful response from the Chief’s fans and met a lot of fans who already registered to be donors. We always find responsive people at the games, and it’s always great working with the Peoria Chiefs’ staff.”

Our thanks to the entire Donate Life Illinois/Peoria team, as well as to the Peoria Chiefs for their outstanding support!

On deck for our on-the-go Peoria group: Educating and registering new donors at the Morton Pumpkin Festival Sept. 12-15. Sept.15 is gonna be especially busy: They’re also walking in the festival parade and coordinating ANOTHER education/registration booth at the Peoria Walk for PKD. At the walk, our very own Donate Life Illinois advocate Jim Tilton will speak about his transplant and the importance of registering as a donor, while also helping the PKD Foundation raise awareness and funds for research into a cure for polycystic kidney disease. Join the fun and support the cause!

(L to R: Dee and Jim Tilton, with DLI/Peoria coalition leader Damarius Blanks of Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White’s Office)
(L to R: Karin Gurdian and Jan Rodgers soak in the ballgame in between registrations)

(L to R: Volunteers Jim and Cheryl Mangold, Christy Ganson, and Dee and Jim Tilton)

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