KidneyMobile is Coming to Town!

Though we’ve referenced it in the past, I wanted to direct the focus of today’s blog to a great resource from the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois…the KidneyMobile!

Since launching in 2005, the KidneyMobile has helped screen more than 5,200 people for diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease. The goal is to identify individuals with these health problems so that they can seek treatment and prevent disease progression.
According to the KidneyMobile website:
Undiagnosed or unmanaged diabetes can cause kidney failure, which will lead to dialysis and/or a kidney transplant if it is not diagnosed in time. In fact, untreated diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease, along with untreated high blood pressure. The good news is that kidney disease can often be prevented. And that’s where the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois and the KidneyMobile® come in!

The KidneyMobile is typically in high demand all year, so those looking to schedule a visit, should plan at least 2 months in advance.
You can learn more facts about the KidneyMobile here, check out the current schedule here or schedule an Illinois visit with the request form here.

Remember, prevention is the best medicine!

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