Donate Life Illinois 2007 Campus Challenge…

Where did summer go??!! All is well as the Midwest heat waves have passed, crisp air and Fall colors will soon set in and a new school year is just getting started.

Speaking of which…there is a flurry of activity in Campaign Central as the Donate Life Illinois camp is gearing up for the 2007 “I Am. Are you?” Campus Challenge! The Challenge will be a friendly statewide organ/tissue donor registration competition between Illinois colleges and universities during October 2007.

Schools currently planning to participate include: UIUC, WIU, NIU, SIU, ISU, IWU, Loyola University, Midwestern University, Columbia College, IIT, North Central College, Illinois Central College.

College students, alumni, staff, friends….everyone is encouraged to participate! It’s pretty simple. Register at our campaign site and be sure to type in your college or alma mater so that we can credit the school for helping with our lifesaving organ donation efforts. We’ll begin updating official registration totals throughout October on our campaign site, blog, MySpace and Facebook group.

Oh, I also wanted to briefly introduce you to the newest member of Donate Life Illinois team…this is Morgan…Morgan D’ Organ. We’ll do an official introduction a little bit later as Morgan will be heavily involved in our Campus Challenge. For now, I’ll leave you with a brief introduction to how we met good ole Morgan earlier this month. Welcome new friend!
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2 Responses to Donate Life Illinois 2007 Campus Challenge…

  1. BreathinSteven says:

    Hi Scott!!!

    Cool video! I hope it’s the beginning of a wonderful message… I hope that these campus communities can gain an understanding of organ donation. I hope they can put themselves in the shoes of a person struggling and waiting for an organ, while wondering if some person and family will be thoughtful, generous, and have the strength to reach out to them in their time of grief… I hope they can put themselves in the shoes of a family member or loved one watching someone they care about struggling, waiting and wondering…

    And I hope they can grasp the idea of saving lives when we’re through with our own life on this beautiful planet!

    The beautiful girl who saved my life should have been part of a campus community – A few years ago I got to hang out at U of I in Champaign a few weekends each term while Laura finished her degree. Seeing so many young students wandering about – it was never far from my mind that Kari should have been there. She would have graduated a few years ago, like her friends have graduated. I wonder who she would have been, and what she would have done. I know she would have been special. I hope these campus community folks can grasp that these special people and families who save our lives are forever our heroes… And I hope they consider being someone’s hero someday.

    I think about her every day. Her beautiful smile crosses my mind throughout the day, every single day.



  2. Roger Carr says:

    This campaign is a terrific idea. This campaign will be saving lives and giving students an opportunity to know how great it feels.

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