Small Town, Big Hearts…

Donate Life Illinois volunteer and fellow blogger, Moreena, reported back with an update below from their registration efforts at the Taste of Country Fair in Lexington, Ill. this past weekend. Their efforts resulted in 72 folks joining the state’s new organ/tissue donor registry! Fantastic job and thanks for the hard work from all of our McLean county volunteers.

Jeff Slutz, our Donate Life Illinois Campus Campaign Manager, and myself will be on the road for the greater part of this week visiting with student groups throughout Illinois about our upcoming “I Am. Are you?” Campus Challenge. Stay tuned for updates, we can’t wait to kick off this great effort in October.

Till next time,

John Powell celebrated the 1-year anniversary of his kidney transplant at a donor registration table in Lexington, Illinois, a small town of less than 2,000 inhabitants. John, along with his wife, Vicki, and other Donate Life volunteers registered 72 donors at Lexington’s annual Taste of Country celebration. Joining John was his niece, Kathleen, a Lexington native, who donated a kidney for John’s transplant one year ago. Congratulations to John, thanks to Kathleen, and great job spreading the word about the importance of organ and tissue donation!

Top photo: DLI volunteer, Maureen and her little helper register others as lifesaving donors

Middle photo: John & Vicki pose at the registration table
Bottom photo: John and his niece, Kathleen

2 Responses to Small Town, Big Hearts…

  1. moreena says:

    Thanks, Scott! We really did have a lovely weekend.

  2. Armand Rousso says:

    Organ donors are more and more available but with the increasing need of organ, we are still unable to cope with the demand. No matter how much organ donors there are, new donors should enroll. Keep it up with your program Mr. Scott.

    Armand Rousso

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