Donate Life Illinois Hits the Road…

Last week, Donate Life Illinois took to the road to meet with various student groups and organizations to brainstorm ideas and discuss plans for participating in the upcoming “I Am. Are you?” Campus Challenge. Though we would have liked to have met with groups from all of our participating schools, we only had time to stop in at WIU, ISU, IWU, EIU and UIUC. The response was excellent and thanks to Circle K and Hillel at WIU, IWU’s Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society, EIU’s PRSSA group, and the Students for Organ Donation chapters at UIUC and ISU for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with us. We look forward to an October filled with bustling registration activity!


Donate Life Illinois Campus Campaign Manager, Jeff Slutz, sits down to discuss Morgan D’ Organ and the October Challenge with Illinois State University Students for Organ Donation chapter President, Kristin Geary.

Jeff Slutz (L) and Scott Meis (R) snap a shot with Illinois Wesleyan University students, Sarah King and Sudil Mahendra, who are helping with outreach efforts on their campus. Sarah’s father was a recent liver transplant recipient.

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