Organ Donation – A Patient’s Perspective

A few weekends ago, we had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with 18-year-old Corinne Jakubiec of Saint Charles, Ill. We first met Corinne back in April 2006 when she participated in Secretary of State Jesse White’s commercial promoting organ/tissue donation during National Donate Life Month (Reminder: and are the same registry).

Corinne has now been waiting for over two years for a kidney transplant. She is currently attending Elgin Community College and helping spread the word about Donate Life Illinois and the importance of joining Illinois’ new organ/tissue donor registry.

This video is a look into Corinne’s life…a life that is unfamiliar to most college students but one that 4,700 other Illinois residents and now over 97,000 people nationwide experience everyday waiting for a transplant.

We hope this video serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for not only college students who can empathize with Corinne’s experiences, but all Illinois residents who can see how easy it is to take action by registering and helping to save other people’s lives.

Thanks Corinne. Keep smiling, your special day will come.


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One Response to Organ Donation – A Patient’s Perspective

  1. BreathinSteven says:

    I get to speak to groups about organ donation — I get to tell them about the precious donor, and donor family who saved my life. I get to tell them how my life has changed — about everything I can do now. I get to show them why organ donors are precious — why they are heroes.

    People like Corinne are one of the most important reasons I speak — she deserves so much more in life than waiting and struggling and suffering… She deserves to enjoy school.

    She deserves time with her friends — as much time as she wants without having to think about hooking up to dialysis tomorrow. She deserves the chance of falling madly in love with someone, getting married and starting a life together — free of the burdens she has now.

    Hopefully, someone will do that for Corinne — hopefully, at an incredibly devastating moment in their lives, some family will think of the Corinnes in the world and decide to save one or two or seven of them.

    Hopefully, some person will have the forethought to join the registry — and if something should happen to them, they will forever be Corinne’s hero…

    Very cool video…

    Steve Ferkau

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