"Walk It Off" Liver Wellness Walk Recap

Colette Jordan, liver transplant recipient and president of the newly formed chapter of Students for Organ Donation at College of DuPage, sent in the recap below describing her experience at the American Liver Foundation Illinois chapter’s “Walk It Off” Wellness Walk & Fun Run. The event took place at Montrose Harbor in Chicago and offered an opportunity to raise much needed funds for liver disease research as well as to promote liver wellness and organ/tissue donation.
Thanks Colette!
I am writing to share some pictures and tell you about the walk that I participated in Saturday with my husband John and great friends, Sam and Chris. We raised funds as a team, Lady Loveliver’s gang. Lady Loveliver is a nickname that was given to me when I was very sick and waiting for a transplant. This November 1st it will be one year since I had my lifesaving transplant.
Because of one selfless act of a family I have never met, last Halloween I was given a most precious gift, Life! Since that day I have been able to enjoy 350 sunrises and sunsets and am truly grateful for each moment. I’ve witnessed my oldest son getting married and my other son pitch in a playoff game. I took my daughter to see Fergie at the House of Blues this past summer. These are moments I would not have had without a transplant. So now I am committed to spreading the word that one person can help to save a life. Organ Donation works and I’m LIVING proof!
There were lots of teams who walked for their friends and loved ones. I walked with many liver transplants and those who were waiting for a transplant. I met a liver recipient, Jeri who had her transplant 20 years ago. She had many children and grandchildren walking with her that would not be here today if it were not for organ donation. I want to be healthy and walking with my children and grandchildren in 19 years!
Donate Life Illinois and Gift of Hope helped sponsor the event and had a registration table as well. Because of many generous supporters, Chicago surpassed it’s goal of $100,000. Most importantly, many people signed up to be organ donors. (There were other remote locations of this walk in Naperville, Bloomington and Rockford over the weekend also!).

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