Another Breath, A Second Chance at Life

Some of you may remember seeing Secretary of State Jesse White’s organ/tissue donation commercial from 2006, touting the importance of registering while calling attention to various Illinois residents that were (and in some cases still are) waiting for a transplant.

One of the commercial’s participants was Joe Mayer of New Lenox, Ill. – a cystic fibrosis patient who was waiting for a double-lung transplant. I’ve kept in close contact with Joe’s mother since he was featured in the commercial and we are happy to report that last month, Joe received his lung transplant!

As Steve over at Revive Hope will attest, Joe has a long recovery ahead, but he is incredibly motivated and will find a way to achieve his goals…and hit the road running again…literally.

The Daily Southtown ran this excellent story the other day as did the Joliet Herald-News today and the Mokeena Messenger last week about Joe. In addition, the Southern did a great editorial on the issue at large today that I encourage you to check out as well.

While Joe embarks on his new life journey we also call attention to the 4,700 other Illinois residents and 97,000 people nationwide that continue to wait for a second chance at life.

Each day, I think about how we’re progressing with the Donate Life Illinois campaign. More dialogue and more conversation results in increased registrations. Over 2.7 million Illinois residents have taken a moment to join Illinois’ new registry. Together, we are making an impact…a tangible impact that saves lives. Just ask Joe.


*Video notes: Lisa received her kidney transplant in 2006. Sadly, David passed away while waiting in 2006. Catherine continues to wait for her kidney transplant as does Corinne who we spotlighted in a recent post.

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