Campus Challenge Heats Up, New Organ Donation Video

While the 2007 “I Am. Are you?” Campus Challenge ends this Friday, college students across Illinois are showing no signs of letting up on their registration efforts. It’s setting up to be a close finish in both categories (total registrations and highest percentage of student body registered) with UIUC currently leading in total registrations and Monmouth with an ever so slight lead over IWU in the percentage category. Stay tuned for the final tally and results early next week!

“Lucky Lacey”
Speaking of inspiration and college students… we recently had the opportunity to sit down with 18 year-old Lacey Wood who is currently a freshman at DePaul University here in Chicago. As an infant, Lacey received a heart transplant but in high school, was diagnosed with kidney failure and in need of yet another transplant. In 2006, Lacey received her kidney transplant from none other than her brother.

Lacey has volunteered with Donate Life California and is currently helping us out with our Donate Life Illinois volunteer efforts. Back during her middle school days, Donate Life California had asked Lacey about what organ/tissue donation meant to her. She responded with the following (posted on the Donate Life California site):

“They call me ‘Lucky Lacey’,” says Lacey. “Because I got a second chance. A donor family decided to give life, and because of that I now get to do all the things kids my age enjoy. I want to do everything possible, because I don’t want to waste any of the time I’ve been given. I am lucky, and I will do everything I can to make sure others get the same chance at life as I have been given. I tell everyone how important it is to be a donor. It really is about giving life.”

Lacey truly is an inspiration to us all. This video outlines Lacey’s rigorous path to college and serves as a true testament to the power of organ donation and the greatest gift of all…the gift of life.


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