Illinois Organ Donation News Roundup

There were a couple great stories that came out last week that I wanted to share here.

The first story is about New Lenox resident, Joe Mayer, who we’ve mentioned in past posts. Joe was one of the individuals featured in Secretary of State Jesse White’s April 2006 commercial touting organ & tissue donation. Joe, now 20 years old, had been waiting since 2004 for a double lung transplant. Thanks to a selfless donor, Joe received his transplant this past September and is now well along his recovery path and has already set a goal of running a 5k by his one-year anniversary! Be sure to check out the full story from the New Lenox Community Reporter here.

In addition, the Rockford Register-Star ran a great story last week on local resident, Mike Timmerman, who received a kidney and pancreas transplant after suffering from Type 1 diabetes. The story looks at the interesting perspective and thoughts a recipient experiences in determining whether to reach out to their donor family. You can read the whole story here.


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