Let’s get social…

I think one of the most rewarding parts of managing the Donate Life Illinois campaign is getting to meet a lot of really great, insightful people. It sounds cliche, but it’s so very true.

The other week, I was on a call with public education coordinators from Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs, like Gift of Hope that handle organ/tissue donation coordination and education outreach in each state) nationwide as we were chatting about integrating social media into outreach efforts. It’s really been the heart of our campaign here in Illinois, utilizing key tools such as MySpace , YouTube and Facebook (see all Donate Life Illinois online tools here) to create dialogue on the issue and provide forums to gather supporters and advocates of the issue from across the state.

Within the past few weeks, other states such as Michigan, New Jersey have kicked some of their efforts into gear with facebook pages for Michigan’s upcoming Gift of Life University Challenge and a group page for Donate Life New Jersey. Texas, California, New York, Oregon, Washington, South Carolina, Minnesota and others are also starting to integrate MySpace and Facebook into their efforts. It’s fantastic to see the momentum building as more and more states begin putting these tools to use.

It’s been great to share ideas with these folks in helping push the effort and maximize online outreach. In addition, I had a chance yesterday to touch base with Lee Aase who works with Mayo Clinic up in Minnesota who had posted about their organ donation support group efforts on facebook.

As 2007 begins to wind down, let’s keep up the chatter, keep up the posting, keep spreading the word.

It’s YOUR help in pushing the word out about the state’s donor consent registry and the need to re-register after Jan. 1, 2006 that is making this campaign a success. It’s joining our Facebook or MySpace groups, posting blogs, including our web banner on your own profile or blog, utilizing our Tell-a-Friend tool….this is what’s making the difference in getting the word out. We can’t thank you enough for this help. The more we all talk and spread the word, the more lives we all help save…simple as that. Let’s take action and do something about it.

The motivation is simple….people like Mallory Langill (who passed away on December 2nd, waiting for a double-lung transplant while battling cystic fibrosis) are suffering and dying everyday waiting for organ transplants. Remind someone to register today.


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