Who-pod? She-pod? He-pod?… yPOD!

During the past few months, we’ve had our noses to the ground seeking out some highly motivated supporters and advocates to serve on the Steering Committee of our newly formed Donate Life Illinois yPOD (Young Professionals for Organ Donation) group. We’ve now got a great commitee in place to lead the effort.

The mission of yPOD is to rally together motivated young professionals throughout Illinois under one umbrella with a commitment to increasing the number of registered organ and tissue donors through registration outreach and network expansion.

We’ve got a full slate of activities planned for early 2008 including a yPOD network recruitment event as well as some registration outreach at NBC5’s big health & wellness event at Navy Pier in March and of course during April, National Donate Life month.

Step one is to build up our network of supporters and advocates…soooo, this is where you all can again help us out. You, your friends, co-workers, colleagues, friends of the family…any young professionals out there are welcome to join. The commitment for yPOD network members is pretty darn simple. We just ask that you come out and help out with one or two of our outreach efforts throughout the year.

As we’re just getting going, we’re focusing on building up our network in and around Chicago but we want to hear from folks statewide so we can begin to develop chapters throughout.

So, what now? Hop over to our campaign site where we’ve posted some initial info about yPOD. Once there, anyone interested in joining the network can join by filling out this form. We follow up with network members to provide them with a brief overview packet and keep them in the loop about upcoming volunteer opportunities and events.

In addition, you can check out and join our yPOD facebook group and MySpace group as well where we’ll keep the network informed.

Thanks everyone, we look forward to building the yPOD. Drop us a line if you have any questions.


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