Who said organ donation isn’t fun?

In October, during our Donate Life Illinois 2007 Campus Challenge, we added a bit of extra flair to some of our college registration drives by having students engage in a classic game of Operation. It was certainly a hit and it spurred me to dig around to see how the game has advanced over the years. I was relieved to discover that the game has become a “classic” in the truest sense.
Heck, some people have stepped up and developed Halloween costumes. Others have used the game as the basis for serious technological advancement such as these University of British Columbia engineering students who designed robots to participate in a competition involving an over sized version of the game. Check out the story here or the video below detailing the project.

I also came across a post from Jennifer Tislerics who works over at Gift of Life Michigan, touting a fun, interactive educational tool created by Albert Einstein Healthcare Network out in Pennsylvania. It’s basically a twist on the old school Operation game, re-designed for the Internet age (heaven forbid kids peel away from a computer to interact with one another and play an actual board game!). Seriously though, this one is a great educational tool and fun for all ages. Check it out: Save Simon!

UK Transplant also has their own online version of the classic Operation game called

See, what I’d tell you…organ donation is fun.
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