Illinois Organ Donor Registry Passes 3 Million Mark!

Secretary of State Jesse White announced today that over 3 million Illinois residents have joined the state’s organ donor registry! This is a huge benchmark for Donate Life Illinois and the entire state as it represents a commitment from over 3 million people to save lives in just over a two year time frame.

On January 1, 2006, Illinois became the 43rd state to initiate a “first-person consent” registry, eliminating the need for additional witnesses such as family members or loved ones to sign off on you becoming a donor. The new registry is going to help save hundreds of more lives each year, as it makes your decision to be a donor legally binding and reduces coordination time and tough decisions by family members during a difficult time of grief. It is important to note that family members are still kept apprised of a donor’s decision and commitment to saving others by transplant coordinators from Gift of Hope.

There were 6 million Illinois residents signed up in the state’s old “intent” organ donor registry. These names could not be automatically transferred into the new registry, thus it is important to make sure you have re-registered since Jan. 1, 2006 to join the new registry and ensure your wishes as a donor are honored.

Register today and be sure to Tell your Friends!


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