Students for Organ Donation Spotlight: North Central College

As we build up momentum with the start of 2008, we’re going to be highlighting each one of our current Students for Organ Donation chapters in their own S.O.D Chapter Spotlight. The first S.O.D. Chapter Spotlight features one of our newer groups that formed last fall: North Central College S.O.D. They’ve done an amazing job getting their chapter up and active since the start of the school year and were featured in their student newspaper for their great work.

Below is a Q&A with NCC Chapter President and Founder Nicole Matia who we also featured last September as part of our Illinois Donor Diaries. You can also check out NCC’s S.O.D. facebook group, where they’ve built their membership up to 121 people!



Why did you decide to start a chapter at NCC?
The idea of organ and tissue donation is very important and close to my heart, as well as something about which I am particularly passionate. I wanted to get involved and get the word out.

What are some activities your chapter has participated in?
Some of the on-campus activities have included having a float in our homecoming parade as well as setting up a registration table at various school sponsored events. The big event of our term was an off-campus blood drive, where many of our members volunteered on a Saturday to aid Heartland Blood Centers. We were able to share the message about the importance of organ donation and register those in our community, which was our goal and something that we were all excited about.

Does your chapter have anything scheduled in the near future?
In the coming months we are again looking to participate in a blood drive as well as conduct a registration week in April for National Donate Life Month. Also, we are having a table set up at NCC’s Relay for Life event on May 2nd.

What would you like college students to know about the issue of organ/tissue donation?
I think the most important thing students should be aware of is that even after you register your decision to donate, there are so many ways to get involved and participate. Oftentimes, I feel there is the common misconception that once you have registered there is nothing left to do until you pass away, but there is so much that can be done during life.

What do you like best about participating in SOD?
I love that there are so many people involved who feel so strongly and passionately about the cause of organ donation! It’s also amazing to see the ways in which we can get involved with other groups and help together. I truly enjoy being able to help inform people about the importance of the issue and watching them make a decision which has become as important to them as it is to all of us sharing the information.

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