College of DuPage Student Activities Fair

College of DuPage Students for Organ Donation president, Colette Jordan passed along some photos of their registration drive last week at the Student Activities Fair. In addition to recruiting a handful of new members to join the chapter, Colette also encouraged 38 others to register as organ/tissue donors!
I also came across this fantastic post below on College of DuPage’s S.O.D. Facebook group wall from Colette’s good friend and neighbor who assisted her with the registration drive.

Facebook wall post from Christine on Jan. 23, 2008:

I was involved in a Donate Life event today. The College of DuPage-S.O.D.

I am friends with Colette Jordan and I wanted to post my reflections on the day. I thought there was going to be skepticism by the youth in college, but I was totally proved wrong. I believe that most of those that came by our table had open minds and wanted to do the right thing.

Everytime we do one of these drives, I am left speechless by the numbers of students who “want to make a difference.” I have always wondered if we held a drive in a corporate office building, would we see the same enthusiasm and willingness?

The other thing I remember about today was the “trust”each and every student had in us. They believed in us, in the Donate Life cause and in making a difference. But the one thing that makes me want to do this time and time again, is the look that Colette has in her eyes. She is full of life and believes that her second chance is to make a difference, which she does every day.

-Chris S.

Thanks for all the hard work!


p.s. I really dig Colette’s shirt in the top photo. Tough to read, but it says: Ask Me About My Liver Transplant. What a great way to get a conversation going about organ donation!


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