It’s Nat’l Donor Day, Give Your Heart Away!

Still racing against the clock to figure out a lil’ Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone? I’ll be honest, I’m not totally convinced that the Baron Bob “Love Pirate” Eye Patch is really the way to go. Maybe that’s just me.

INSTEAD, you can win your honey’s heart over by showing her how you took a moment to call attention to National Donor Day – the national celebration of blood, marrow, organ, eye and tissue donation. Here is a post from earlier this week that outlines the purpose of the day and the great work that Saturn does in reaching out nationwide with blood donation partners.

Here at DLI, we’ve made it easy for you. Feel freel to copy and tweak the message below and shoot an email off to friends, post a blog entry, Facebook message or MySpace bulletin or however else you’d like to spread the word!

It’s National Donor Day, Give Your Heart Away!

Dear friends,

Today is National Donor Day and as such, I’d like to call attention to the more than 4,700 Illinois residents and 98,000 people nationwide waiting for lifesaving organ transplants. If you live in Illinois and have not registered since Jan. 1, 2006, please take a moment to RE-REGISTER to ensure your wishes as a donor are honored. The state created a new donor consent registry on Jan. 1, 2006 that eliminates the need for additional witnesses and will help save hundreds of more lives each year. You can quickly register at

If you’re not from Illinois, you can visit to determine how to register in your state.

Thanks for helping save lives!

Easy enough? Most importantly, remember….EVERYBODY Loves a Donor.

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