THE Organ Donation Myth

We like to address common myths and misconceptions surrounding organ donation now and again as they stand as key barriers to registration (along with procrastination). I’ve addressed some of the more common myths in a previous post here but would also encourage you to check out TransWeb and Mayo Clinic as they do a great job outlining myths.

The one myth that we hear most frequently is:

“I heard that if I’m in an accident and the hospital or paramedics know I want to be a donor, the doctors won’t try to save my life.”

We hear this all the time from college students, out at registration drives and of course see the myth perpetuated through Hollywood, bloggers that don’t do their research, etc. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s natural for us all to take things at face value without looking any further into an issue.

This myth is of course false as organ and tissue recovery takes place only after all efforts to save your life have been exhausted and death has been declared. The doctors trying to save your life are completely separate from the transplant surgeons involved in recovering organs and tissues, who are notified only after your death.

I could repeat the statement above a hundred times, but it really comes down to all of us helping to spread the word and encourage others who belive these myths to educate themselves before deciding not to register.

Fellow blogger Hemant recently posted on this myth here. It was quite interesting to take a look at the comments and see the array of perspectives out there.


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