A Special Message from Morgan D’Organ

It’s National Donate Life Month! It sneaks up on me every year, but this year is particularly special as April marks the kickoff for Donate Life Illinois’ “Drive for 3.5”! As we work toward achieving our initial campaign goal of 3.5 million registrations in the state’s new registry, I remind everyone of the need to re-register after Jan. 1, 2006 to ensure your wishes as a donor are honored. If you’ve already registered, be sure to Tell Your Friends or get your Workplace involved!

Also, if you’re not from Illinois, be sure to find out how to register in your state at http://www.shareyourlife.org/.

Throughout the month, we’ll be posting lots of great organ donor information here as well frequent updates on our registration outreach efforts.

Also, be sure to friend me on Facebook and MySpace.

Last, what would April be without a special video message from Yours Truly?


Link to video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VQfN258VTPc


One Response to A Special Message from Morgan D’Organ

  1. Kim says:

    Love the new spot…how much fun is that?! Thanks for kicking off Donate Life Month on such a positive note. Let’s meet the goal, and we’re looking forward to seeing you out at North Central College this month!

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