Secretary of State Jesse White Launches New Organ Donation Commercial

I first want to send a big thanks out to everyone for kicking off National Donate Life Month with a bang! Bloggers such as Mariah and Nudge are helping spread the word and it’s great to see so many people soaking in Morgan D’ Organ’s special message.

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but wanted to make sure people knew about the recent launch of Secretary of State Jesse White’s organ donation commercial. The ads are narrated by Jarrett and Brittney Payton, son and daughter of the late Chicago Bear’s running back, Walter Payton. I’ve included a story from the Bloomington Pantagraph below that talks about the kickoff press conference for the commercial where friend and fellow blogger Moreena spoke about her daughter’s current struggle for a transplant.

By the way, let me know if you’re able to find the SOS’ new commercial online. I can’t seem to view here at and I don’t think it’s quite yet posted on their YouTube channel . We’re anxious to see!


Source – Bloomington Pantagraph

White, transplant survivor’s mother unveil organ donor TV ads
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 11:06 PM CDT

By Kenneth

SPRINGFIELD — Secretary of State Jesse White and the mother of a Normal organ transplant survivor unveiled two television advertisements for the state’s new organ and tissue donation program Tuesday.

White said despite having more than 6 million Illinoisans signed up for organ donation, 300 people in Illinois die a year waiting for a donor.

“These commercials will be played across the state of Illinois and the message is: Before it’s too late, please consider giving someone else a second chance at life,” White said in a press conference at the capitol.

Moreena Tiede, mother of liver transplant survivor Annika Tiede, 7, of Normal, spoke about her family’s experiences being part of the culture of Americans waiting for donations. Annika Tiede was born with a disease that renders the liver unable to drain bile.

She has already received two liver transplants, but needed to sign up for a third after complications – and is still waiting for a donor. Her mother spoke of their experiences, at one point fighting back tears.

“There are some hard numbers in the world of transplants,” Moreena Tiede said. “Those numbers are more than statistics those numbers are part of the harsh math that define our world.”

The two ads feature Jarrett and Brittney Payton, the son and daughter of late Chicago Bears player Walter Payton. The Paytons narrate the ads, which show organ and tissue transplant survivors and urge viewers to go online and sign up to be organ and tissue donors.

Producing and running the ads costs $1 million a year, said Henry Haupt, spokesman for the secretary of state’s office. The ads began airing Tuesday.“[Payton] was a hero on the football field, but in his passing he’s still a hero because his message is traveling across this wonderful state of ours in the voice of his daughter Brittney and the voice of his son Jarrett…” White said.

Moreena Tiede said organ donation is one act that can’t be faulted in a cynical world.

“When our impulse to help others or change the world is so often question or ridiculed or politicized, I found that to be an organ donor is one of the true acts of altruism,” she said.


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