Organ Donor Bloggers Abound

Too much good stuff to post this month. I’m somehow still blown away by the ever-changing nature of online communications and community-building initiatives with regard to the potential outcome of significant social impact. It’s nothing new, but time and time again I find myself in awe of the way social networking and the Web in general have helped changed the world.

Outside of this blog, we’re constantly working to spread the word about organ & tissue donation and the importance of registering through MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. Nonetheless, it isn’t without the help of people like Steve, Sarah, Roger, Moreena, Bob and a whole host of others including this site that we wouldn’t have progressed as far as we have in the past 18-months with our campaign efforts.
Heck, we’ve even managed to slip onto the TIME Magzine-endorsed  Nudges blogroll and caught the eye of Chicagoist today. 
This isn’t us tooting our horn, this is us saying THANK YOU. Thank you for spreading the word, for calling attention to the issue, for giving a voice and hope to the more than 4,700 Illinois residents and 98,000 people nationwide whose lives depend on action being taken.
We’ve seen a strong spike in registrations this month as we work toward our 3.5 million goal. More than just registrations, these are selfless individuals agreeing to help others and save lives. 
Let’s keep it going…

2 Responses to Organ Donor Bloggers Abound

  1. Roger Carr says:

    Hi Scott,

    Your willingness to be creative and effectively use online social networking, contests, etc. to save lives was one of the things that caught my attention. Keep up the great work!

  2. BreathinSteven says:


    Thanks for the mention about Revive Hope and me… And Sarah, Roger, Moreena and Bob are pretty awesome!!! We’ve been given, or we’re waiting for incredible gifts — or some of us just write about giving…

    I never really imagined myself speaking in public, or doing anything like this — but since Kari came into my life, I just need to tell people about who she was and what she did for me, and for others… And what she means to me… Kari IS what organ donation is to me — I want to leave people with her beautiful smile, and her thoughts, her spirit and personality, and leave them thinking, “I want to be like her — I want to be someone’s hero someday…”

    And I’m surrounded by so many people who need their own Kari in their lives — people who will die without lungs or a heart or liver or kidney… People who are like I was 8 years ago… People struggling and afraid and worried they may leave their spouses, children, families, unless they get a gift from another…

    It’s not always easy to understand the importance of organ donation if you haven’t been impacted by it — if you haven’t known a donor or donor family and experienced the gift they gave — or watched someone you love waiting and struggling… It’s our job to provide that impact and to make it as personal as possible so others can grasp the importance and meaning of the decision they’re making…

    Thanks for what you do, Scott…



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