Illinois Organ Donation News Roundup

Some great organ donation stories ran over the weekend and appeared today that I wanted to share here. The Sun-Times ran this brief urging African-Americans to register as organ donors as a follow up to Gift of Hope’s registration effort this past weekend in conjunction with the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition.

In addition, the Kankakee Daily Journal is running a three part series on donation, examining the issue from various perspectives. You can check out part one here, today’s story here and be sure to keep an eye out for the third and final part tomorrow.

Judith Graham at the Tribune also ran this insightful piece on the lack of heart transplants taking place in and around the Chicagoland area and also did a follow up post on her blog today.

Last, but not least, big thanks to Amy at blogged for reaching out and informing us of our 8.3 (Great!) ranking on their site based on a variety of criteria. We appear a few pages back in the health listings here under “conditions & diseases.” Thanks for the feedback blogged!

Hittin’ the road for the long stretch of our Drive for 3.5 tomorrow. Stay tuned as we’ll be updating frequently from the road!



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