Bouncing Around Chicago on the Drive for 3.5

Tom Skilling has been kind to us this week with clear, sunny skies as we continue the second half of our Drive for 3.5. We visited DePaul University on Monday and received some help from the Residence Hall Council signing up students.

On Tuesday, Loyola University’s Public Relations Student Society of America and Students for Organ Donation groups both came out to support our efforts and turned up generated some big registrations!

The DLI team is at the University of Chicago today and we’ll be heading to North Central College tomorrow for our last college event of April.

Last, but not least, I wanted to include a couple photos from our visit to Midwestern University back on April 10th (yes, a bit slow on the photo upload). As previously mentioned, Midwestern students Rodney Fullmer and Anne Sadofsky did an amazing job of rallying together student and administrative support for an official Students for Organ Donation group this semester. Such a treat to spend the afternoon helping save lives with these two and Vadim from our Loyola Students for Organ Donation group.

Now, stop reading and get outside to enjoy this amazing day!


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