Lisle Donor Day Celebration, Kidney Disease Awareness

The Lisle Sun ran this article today about liver transplant recipient and College of DuPage Students for Organ Donation president, Colette Jordan. Colette did an amazing job coordinating with the city of Lisle to have April 26 designated Lisle Donor Awareness Day.

In addition, the Doings did this great article about Mary Schlereth’s personal tie to organ donation and the importance of kidney disease awareness.

The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois hosted their annual “Living with Transplantation” event last week, drawing hudreds of donor family members, recipients and patients together to network and meet with one another.

Have a great weekend!



5 Responses to Lisle Donor Day Celebration, Kidney Disease Awareness

  1. BreathinSteven says:

    Hey Scott!!!

    I think Colette Jordan totally, freakin’ ROCKS!!! I’m so amazed and impressed at all she’s done to help this Lisle Donor Awareness Day happen… She’s a rock-star… I finally met her at the NKFI “Living with Transplantation” event – she’s a beautiful rock-star too!

    And I’ll always think Mary Schlereth is a rock-star… She introduced me to her boyfriend’s recipient, Oliver – it was awesome meeting him…

    Mary and Colette have added to my life – they’ve added so much to so many lives – and I’ll never forget Craig’s smile… Thanks for posting this information…



  2. Ryder Wave says:

    Wales in the UK is starting a new Organ Donation Campaign to be launched on 13 of May by our Minister For Health. We aim to put more Welsh People on the Organ Donation Register from Wales.At present 25% of populationare members.

    Please lend your support across the pond. We send Morgan who is probably of Welsh heritage our affection .Our warmest regards and best wishes to you all in your excellent work .

    Roy J Thomas
    Chairman Donate Wales &
    Chairman Kidney Wales Foundation

  3. -Scott (Campaign Manager) says:

    Thanks so much for dropping us a line Roy. Great to meet you and keep us posted on your efforts!

  4. LadyLoveliver says:

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment Steve and Scott.
    I could not have done it without my dear friend and donor family member Chris, though Lisle residents are the ones that really rock! They rose to the occasion of helping to save lives by registering to be organ and tissue donors. We registered 136 Lisle residents; including Mayor Joe Broda, village trustees, firefighters and police officers! Way to go Lisle! You have shown one again that
    you really care about others!
    I want to thank all the volunteers that worked so hard to make this day a success, and all the residents who registered their decision to help save lives! I can’t wait till next year for the 2nd annual Lisle Donor Awareness Day!

  5. -Scott (Campaign Manager) says:

    That is incredible Colette, you guys rock!

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