Debunking Organ Donation Myths – Get the Facts – Part 1

As we race into the last part of National Donate Life Month, I’ll be posting throughout the week about a recent series of educational videos we put together called “Get the Facts!” that are intended to address common myths and misconceptions about organ & tissue donation.

Last month, we took the issue to the streets to find out some common questions and concerns that regularly come up as barriers to donor registration. We also had the pleasure of sitting down with Gift of Hope’s Director of Operations, Alison Smith, to get some expert insight on these questions.

Having attended numerous community registration drives and recently visited colleges around the state as part of our Drive for 3.5, I will attest that these myths continue to stand out as big concerns for many people. What I always find to be extremely interesting is how people often initially deny wanting to save lives by becoming a donor without providing any reason at all. It’s only when probed about some of these myths that you begin to realize the reason for hesitancy is a mere lack of education about the issue. Nothing groundbreaking there, but certainly a good reminder of our job to constantly push this information into the public sphere and remind people about the facts.

The first part of this series addresses the most common myth we come across – that doctors will not try as hard to save your life if they know you’re a donor. I always cringe when I hear this at registration drives, mainly because it is such a ridiculous myth that can be debunked with simple logic. Hence the reason I simultaneously perk up when I hear this as I view it as a good opportunity to address the concern head on.

I know I’ve posted on this before, but again, repetition is often key for us to properly educate! I also noticed this past weekend that Nate (Confessions of a CF Husband) has also been helping get the word out with his recent series of posts about organ donation myths.
Short, sweet and to the point…enjoy our series and please share with others to spread the word!


Link to video:

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