Lisle Donor Day Recap!

First off, big congrats to ICC student Audrey Williams, whose award-winning video project on Mikahla Thornton was touted over the weekend in the Pantagraph, Journal-Star and on WHOI-TV. WMBD-TV aslo did this nice feature on Moreena’s daughter Annika.

It’s always a pleasure to hear back from our College of DuPage Students for Organ Donation president Colette Jordan after she hosts a registration drive. Colette seems to have a knack for simply getting a lot of people registered as lifesaving donors. She blew us away once again this past weekend, registering 136 residents as part of Lisle’s first annual Donor Day Celebration!

As a liver recipient, Colette just has a way of connecting with others and explaining her gift of life in such a frank, honest manner. I’ve had the pleasure of being at registration drives with Colette and while others seem to whiz by my request for saving lives, she’s like a registration magnet. Kudos to Colette and her team of organizers for coordinating such a fantastic event that drew Lisle Mayor Joe Broda, village trustees, local firefighters and police officers out to support the lifesaving event.

Check out the photos below and also Colette and Lynn’s (V.P. of College of DuPage Students for Organ Donation) short video about their group’s accomplishment over the past school year!



2 Responses to Lisle Donor Day Recap!

  1. Debbie Pawlowicz says:

    Colette & Chris,

    Congratulations on a very successful registration drive. It certainly became a wonderful community event thanks to all your efforts. You make Lisle proud!!

    How exciting–

  2. Kara says:

    We are so proud of you!!! I can’t believe how many people signed up at this event. It is truly amazing!!!

    Dan & Kara

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