Debunking Organ Donation Myths – Get the Facts – Part 2

Too often, people are quick to dismiss registering as organ & tissue donors because they feel that their age or lifestyle trends equate to “bad organs.” Would a person waiting for a lifesaving liver transplant prefer to receive the liver of someone who hasn’t guzzled down ten drinks a day for the last 20 years? I’d bargain to say yes.

However, think for a moment about someone who is hanging on by a thread for a second chance at life, in dire need of a corneal transplant (myth education side note: this involves just the top layer of an eye, equivalent to that of a contact lens, not the entire eyeball) or a burn victim that is awaiting tissue donation to recover from a horrific accident.

Yes, there are some current specific stipulations (e.g. particular cancers) that prevent people from becoming donors, but with the speed at which technology is advancing, whose to say that somewhere down the line these barriers won’t be broken down as well?

Point being, don’t think that your age or lifestyle trends will prevent you from being a donor and if you have questions, just ask!

Enjoy part 2 of our “Get the Facts!” series below.


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