Top 5 Morgan D’ Organ Identification Mistakes

Throughout National Donate Life Month, we put good ole Morgan D’ Organ into the public spotlight on our Drive for 3.5 Campus tour as well as out at some community events throughout the state. He’s quite the attraction and as photogenic as they come.

“What is THAT?” seemed to be the most popular reaction to Morgan…go figure.

We quickly learned that we needed to begin tracking responses and tallying results concerning people’s initial assumptions about the big pink guy.

As you can see here, not everyone finds him quite as lovable as the rest of us.

By and far, my favorite discussion about Morgan last month was prompted by a Loyola student:

Student: “Look, I’m registered as an organ donor, but “Morgan D’Organ” is the worst mascot name ever.”

Me: “You seem to have some amazing insight on mascot names. Might you have another suggestion? We didn’t necessarily think Pink Blob or Bubble Gum Boy was too fitting for the cause.”

Student: “I’d have gone with a specific organ rather than the general “organ”, and the D’ is just unnecessary. Also, alliteration is a must. Examples of more acceptable names include the following:Kevin Kidney, Peter Pancreas, Suzie Stomach. I’m sorry, I just have very high standards for mascot names. It might also be that I think the very idea of having a big cuddly mascot representing an organ is just plain silly.”

I refused to let Morgan read that. Alas, he’s enlightened us to the possibility of starting a whole organ mascot family…watch out.

Without further ado, I give you the Top 5 Morgan D’ Organ Identification Mistakes:

5. A pink jelly bean
4. Pepto-Bismol
3. Chewed piece of gum
2. The Blob….drumroll…..
1. The state of Illinois turned sideways

Of course there is also the mistake that he somehow represents a birthday??

Link to video:

Cheers to Friday and excuse the “sprinkler”…the celebration got the best of me.


p.s. Morgan is a lovable liver borrowed from the gracious American Liver Foundation-Illinois.

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One Response to Top 5 Morgan D’ Organ Identification Mistakes

  1. LR says:

    Morgan D’Organ is a beautiful name and a beautiful mascot. He reminds me of a pink version of the lovable “meatwad” on Aqua Teen Hunger Force! I have been fortunate to meet Morgan was very excited like a little kid. Plus, Morgan does great work and the fact that we’re talking about him, means we’re talking about organ donation!

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