Kill Jill Ad Causing a Stir

Thanks to Steve over at Revive Hope for his good post about this topic.

Last week, the Guardian Unlimited ran this article about a new organ donation television ad that is running in Scotland. According to the article,

The ad featured a picture of a young girl’s head with a voiceover and text asking: “Would you allow your organs to save a life? You have 20 seconds to decide.”

Then the girl’s face slowly becomes faded and distorted, with the voiceover and text stating: “Kill Jill?, yes or no. No … register and you could save a life.”

The ad has caused quite a bit of controversy as it plays off the word “kill” to drive home the importance of registering. I’ve had mixed opinions on the ad. On one hand it does take a very over-the-top approach, however; past tactics like this (recall the Big Donor Show) have increased overall registrations, which ultimately help save lives.

What are your thoughts? Does negative messaging take away from emphasizing the lifesaving importance of the issue or does it provide the spark to drive home the hard-hitting reality to those unfamiliar with the issue?


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