Have a Heart – A Film About Organ Donation

Isaac Shrem contacted us last week about a film he created that was entered in the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. It’s truly a powerful story. Take a moment to check it out below.


Video description:

In 1996 Donald Arthur was given six weeks to live. That same year, Margaret Grady lost a son. Depicting the miraculous convergence of two strangers’ lives through the gift of organ donation, Have a Heart tells the story of how one man was literally given a new life as a result of a heart transplant and how a woman found true comfort following a tragedy.

Link to video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-G7j1sgaJ8Y


One Response to Have a Heart – A Film About Organ Donation

  1. Isaac says:

    “Have A Heart” is second of 3 short documentary films i have created. The topic of organ donation is an issue that must be spread to as many people as possible! If you feel this film can touch others… Please do not hesitate to spread it around.

    I am currently working on spreading the idea organ donation in the Jewish Community. For many years it was believed against the jewish bible… but turned out to be a HUGE misconception! I am going to be Marching in the Israeli Day Parade tomorrow in NY, and this year I will be marching in a group that will hold up large cards of current influential rabbinical organ donors, to spread the word.

    If you are interested in seeing my other Award Winning Films please check them out, at the following websites.

    “The Other Side of the Picture”

    “Over Here”

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