Illinois Donor Diaries – Chapter 18 – Nurse Mom

Our latest chapter of the Illinois Donor Diaries comes from Susan Snyder over in Oswego, IL who shares her story of donating a kidney to her mother.

You can also visit Susan over at MySpace here to drop her a line.



June 13, 2008

My Mom was my best friend.

She was a nurse like her Mom was a nurse and I had wanted to be a nurse as well. My Mom had high blood pressure and diabetes. In 1995 she underwent a quadruple bypass. She came out of that well, but within a few months, she was going into kidney failure. Mom started peritoneal dialysis in December 1995. Since she was a nurse, the doctors decided she could do her dialysis at home. Mom and I were both trained on how to do her treatments.

For a year and a half, Mom spent every night hooked up to the machine. During that time, she and I decided that to improve her life even more, she needed a transplant. I was tested and turned out to be a near perfect match for a kidney transplant. On May 28th, 1997 we had the surgery. Mom had some complications and spent one month in the hospital. It was smooth sailing until about two and a half years ago when her heart condition worsened and after almost 3 months in and out of the hospital, she passed in January 2006.

She had given me life at birth and by me giving her my kidney, I provided her with 8 more years of life to spend together. The last time my Mom was sick, I had promised her that I would bring her home and I have. You could say I had my chance to be a nurse by taking care of my Mom.

~Susan E. Snyder
Oswego, IL


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