Donate Life, Organ Donation Plug on MTV

Last week, Donate Life found it’s way into the homes of thousands as MTV’s the Real World – Hollywood (yes, the show is still around and thriving…now in its 20th season) featured a segment from Alex Band’s 2007 Donate Life Rocks concert in Los Angeles. One of the Real World cast members was graced with the opportunity to perform with Alex. Check it out:

Link to video:

Alex Band is the lead singer of The Calling (who you will likely recall from this hit) and has spent the past few years performing as a solo artist.

Alex has been an avid supporter of organ and tissue donation and has a fund set up through Donate Life where he contributes to help the cause.

Last year’s Donate Life Rocks concert was a huge success and this year’s show looks to be even bigger. Set for August 21st, this year’s concert will take place in Donate Life America’s hometown of Richmond, VA.

Put it on the calendar, buy your tickets and check out the show’s Facebook page!


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