Donate Life Illinois Surpasses 3.5 Million Registration Goal!

We did it!

The official update was released from Secretary of State Jesse White’s office earlier this week and today, we’re proud to announce that there are now more than 3.5 million Illinois residents that have joined the state’s new organ & tissue donor registry.

This is a huge step forward for Illinois and a major statement of action considering the new registry was initiated in January 2006.

So what did it take for Donate Life Illinois to reach our initial campaign goal?

– Unending support from Secretary of State Jesse White and driver facilities employees around the state
– A priceless group of dedicated coalition partners and volunteer network
– 165 Workplace Partners
– 20 participating colleges and universities
– Over 25,000 combined views of our videos
– 253 blog posts…and of course,

– One loveable, giant pink liver named Morgan D’ Organ.

What’s next, you ask?

Today marks the kickoff for our new goal of reaching 5 million registrations by April 30, 2009.

Ambitious? But of course.

Why the need?

The national transplant waiting list is quickly approaching 100,000 people. On a more local level, 4,700 Illinois residents are currently awaiting a lifesaving transplant. We’re faced with one of the few major healthcare issues that can be resolved through action via registration. That’s it. Register and you’re done. You’ve committed to helping someday possibly saving lives.

Here at Donate Life Illinois, we’re going to continue to spread the word about the importance of this issue and the need for registrations as aggressively as possible. We’re gearing up for our second annual Campus Challenge as part of our Campus Campaign, continuing with outreach to employers via our Workplace Campaign, continuing to build our hefty network of volunteers and supporters and finding as many ways as possible to get the word out via social media tools and online communities.

Already registered, but want to help?

Put us in touch with an Illinois college student you know may be interested in helping with our outreach. Shoot an email out to your contacts and let us help get their workplaces engaged in our workplace campaign. Post one of our fancy web banners on your blog, MySpace profile or website. Tailor a quick message and fire it off using our Tell-A-Friend tool. The possibilities are endless, just ask.

Most important, thank you. Thank you for everyone who has helped to spread the word on our efforts and the issue at large. Thank you for everyone who has taken a moment to register. It is because of these efforts that more than 800 lifesaving organ transplants took place through Gift of Hope and the generosity of donors during 2007.

Let’s keep up the charge, 5 million registrations is around the corner.



One Response to Donate Life Illinois Surpasses 3.5 Million Registration Goal!

  1. TC says:

    Congratulations! Strong work.

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