Organ Donation Supporters and Bloggers "Share the Love"

This is why I love the Web and blogging.

Interaction and connections through like-minded individuals.

Single posts that gain momentum over time and seep across the blogosphere in the name of good.

Such is the case with Memoirs of a Mommy’s post about her “Sharing the Love” award back on May 6 of this year. The blog’s author, Crystal, created the award to honor the donor who saved her little boy’s life through a heart transplant.

A quick search around and you’ll see that Crystal’s efforts have and continue to spread pretty rapidly. Some examples include follow up posts from Black Political Thought, Mommyology, Loving My Life just to name a few.

The rules of the game are pretty simple:

You can pull right from Crystal’s post, link back and let people know where they can register to be an organ donor and pass the award along to others. Simple enough.

Thank you Crystal for putting together such a great effort. We are proud to Share the Love and I happily encourage anyone and everyone to do the same including: Steve, Donorcycle, Moreena,

Sarah and any other fellow bloggers to spread the word.



One Response to Organ Donation Supporters and Bloggers "Share the Love"

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