TRI for LIFE Brothers Reflect on Transplant Games Experience

I know I keep harping the U.S. Transplant Games, but I promise it’s for good reason. The event only takes place every two years and serves as an incredible experience for everyone involved in the community. With the Games now over, it’s great to see all the postings, emails and feedback on personal experiences of those who attended.

I’ve posted about TRI for LIFE before here and recently reconnected with one of the brothers, Lon, as the team will be heading to Chicago in August to participate in the Accenture Triathlon.

I was blown away by both Lon and Trevor’s blog posts detailing their experience at the Games. My words can’t begin to explain the powerful impact the Games had on the brothers as they continue to help spread the word about organ donation in honor of their brother Chase. Be sure to hop over and read Lon and Trevor’s posts.

We look forward to having the team visit Chicago in August and also catching up with other athletes and finding our about their experiences in Pittsburgh.



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  1. […] team as they were in town for the Accenture Chicago triathlon. I’ve touted the Team here and here for their incredible efforts in spreading the word about donation and honoring their youngest […]

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