Life & Loss

This week, I came across two posts that really put the “the circle of life” concept into perspective. There is this post about Shannon, who passed away in April and became a donor. The post details a sister’s reflection upon the loss of her sibling. In addition there is this post from Yayislets! thanking all those who helped her receive a transplant.

I wanted to share part of the post:

So to my Donor: Thank you
to my donor’s family: Thank You
to the people that help fund the Chicago Project and UIC’s islet transplant program: Thank you
to the doctors that do the work they do: Thank You
to the transplant coordinator, and nurses and office staff: Thank you
to the researchers, lab techs and everyone else behind the scenes that make islet research happen: Thank you
to my family and friends for putting up with the trips to Chicago and with me in general over the past three years: Thank you

The author was even kind enough to follow up with this call to action for registrations.

In the transplant community, we do everything possible to pull these two perspectives of loss and life together to paint the whole picture of why organ donation is so important. Without the gracious decision of people like Shannon, second chances at life would never occur.



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