Illinois Donor Diaries – Chapter 20 – Breezy’s Gift

Last week, we received a new submission for our next chapter of the Illinois Donor Diaries from Seth Goodman of Lincoln, IL. Seth is a student at Millikin University and helped us out with last year’s Campus Challenge outreach. When I originally asked Seth about his motivation behind supporting organ & tissue donation, he immediately told me the story about the impact of a young friend called Brianne.  

Be sure to check out Seth’s entry below and hop over to the Illinois Secretary of State’s site to read more about Brianne’s story.


Breezy’s Gift

In fourth grade I didn’t just learn science or math, but more notably one of life’s greatest lessons: the importance and value of giving. Brianne Bacon, a good friend of mine known as “Breezy,” could always lighten my mood just by seeing her radiant smile and hearing her cheerful laugh. Even when finding out at the young age of ten that she had a brain tumor, Brianne never once lost hope and continued to enlighten other people’s lives.

The tumor was removed to the extent that it could be. Removing the rest would have risked vision loss and possible paralysis. Although Brianne never gave up, the tumor, which was believed to have been non-cancerous, grew back. Her body simply couldn’t overcome the growth. At first, I didn’t understand why such an incident would occur to such a blessed young child so full of life. Looking back, I may never understand why she was taken, but I do now understand how fragile life can be.

When Brianne passed away, her parents, Rick & Stacy Bacon, decided to donate her organs. Although Brianne cannot be with us today, she lives on through the lives of four individuals whose lives could’ve also been cut short without her life-saving contributions. Organ donation to me defines life: hope, generosity, and the true definition of giving – such a small decision that could result in such huge success for so many. I want to be remembered by not only the life I lived but also the life I gave. Please take 30 seconds and register online and be a hero – because as Breezy showed me, life goes on.

Seth Goodman
Lincoln, Ill.


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