NBC Dance Friday

As I was heading out of my apartment this morning, I happened to catch the tail end of NBC’s local morning newscast. I was intrigued to see that they have made “Dance Friday” a regular segment on the show. I was looking back at some old Dance Friday segments and was excited to see a variety of different mascots making their way to the NBC plaza downtown to break out some dance moves with the show’s anchors and crew.

You may recall from back in April that we were down on the NBC plaza with Morgan D’ Organ to help promote National Donate Life Month and unbeknownst to us, help kick off the very first Dance Friday session. Here’s a refresher of the good times (who knew Morgan would be such a trendsetter?!):

I also discovered this week that PA has followed suit with their own organ donation mascot called Heart Man. Hop over and drop him a hello. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll have a whole organ donor mascot family shreddin’ the floor.


*Going offline next week, back the week of Aug. 25!


One Response to NBC Dance Friday

  1. Colette says:

    too funny, I’m still laughin! I’m really gonna have to share Morgan’s awesome dance moves with my husband, John =)

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