Gearing Up for the 2008 Campus Challenge!

Labor Day weekend!? Whaaaat?

Summer miraculously slips away every year. However, with the end of August comes the start of September which is prime time for us here at the DLI camp to tie up any loose ends before the start of the 2008 Campus Challenge!

As you may recall, last year’s Campus Challenge was a huge success with 19 schools participating, generating over 2,500 registrations! 

We’re already getting some great interest from students wanting to participate in this year’s Challenge. If you know of any college students in Illinois that may be interested in helping us out, be sure to let us know! They can gather some more info over on our Campus Campaign page or over on our 2008 Campus Challenge Facebook group.

As you might imagine, you know who came knocking at our door the second we mentioned “Campus Challenge” around here:

We’ll be sure to catch up with ole Morgan D’ Organ soon to find out what he’s been up to this summer. For now, check out this nice little spot he’s starring in to help promote the Challenge. Looks like somebody’s got a new sidekick.


Link to video:


One Response to Gearing Up for the 2008 Campus Challenge!

  1. Colette says:

    okay, the dynamic duo theme is a great idea…but I think you’ve got the sidekick part wrong…

    How about Morgan and…………………………………………..Ladyloveliver??? Check it out!

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