Share Your Photos on Donate Life Illinois’ Flickr Group!

Organ and tissue donation supporters and advocates are frequently out at registration events as well as finding creative ways to spread the word about organ & tissue donation. We want to see your photos! Donate Life Illinois now has a Flickr group set up for you to easily upload your photos and start discussions with others in the group.

Transplant recipients, patients, donor family members, advocates, supporters – anyone is welcome to upload and share photos!

The steps are easy:

1) Hop over to Flickr, join the site and start a free account.

2) Join our Donate Life Illinois group and add photos. *Please note that we ask that you include the tags “Donate Life Illinois”, “organ donation” and “organ donor” to the photos you add.

3) Start discussions and meet other supporters and advocates!



2 Responses to Share Your Photos on Donate Life Illinois’ Flickr Group!

  1. PJ says:

    Scott, thanks for stopping by my blog. Love what you’re doing with “Donate Life”. It is so needful. I’ve thought so many times that IF cadaver organs had been available, Victor would not have died. Then he would have had the ducts and veins available AND if it could have been done six months earlier. However….just one of those things that one has to take in stride. Thanks for trying to save other lives. I was registered previously…but now, after the cancer, I’m no longer a viable donor. But if you need an advocate for donating….. That’s me!!!

  2. Scott Meis says:

    Thanks for stopping by PJ!

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