The Stars Align for Donate Life

Big names were on the marquee at The Tabernacle in Atlanta for September 13th when Share the Beat came to town. In it’s fifth year, the event draws attention to the importance of organ & tissue donation.

For this year’s Share the Beat event,  the James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness partnered with the Georgia Transplant Foundation with James and Robert Redford hosting the event. In previous years, Share the Beat has been hosted in Salt Lake City and Omaha, with all proceeds raised going toward the organ & tissue transplant community.

The Redfords have first hand experience in organ donation, as James Redford is a two-time liver transplant recipient. To learn more about James Redford check out the story from Inside Edition

This year’s event included leading actors from the popular television show Desperate Housewives and musical stars, such as Deana Carter and Rivers Rutherford.

Though it was meant as a promotional spot, be sure to check out the video message from James Redford about Share the Beat!

~ Joslyn


One Response to The Stars Align for Donate Life

  1. chris says:

    The reason that Robert Redford’s son needed a liver transplant is that he took drugs for his colitis condition. Most medical problems are iatrogenic and treatable inways that dont do more harm than good ,but the drug companies want their profits.

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