Laura’s Organ Donation Story – “My Dad”

Last week we unveiled the first of a series of video spots we’ve been working on by debuting “Because” – The Story of an Organ Donor. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and for helping get the word out about Amanda’s selfless act as a non-direct living kidney donor.

U of I Student Nurses

U of I Student Nurses

Today, we want to tell you about another very special person – Laura Duggan. Laura graduated from the University of Illinois this past Spring. We first met Laura through our work with U of I’s Student Nursing group back in Spring 2007 as they assisted with some campus registration drives during National Donate Life Month in April.

This last May, Laura lost her Dad as he waited for eight months for a lifesaving liver transplant before being put on life support and eventually passing away. Unfortunately, Laura’s story has become all too familiar. With the national transplant waiting list now over 100,000, more and more people are being lost due to a lack of available organs for transplant.

Take a moment to check out Laura’s story below or check it out on facebook.


Link to video:


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