2008 Campus Challenge Update – Week 2

A fresh update coming off week 2 of the 2008 Campus Challenge!

College of DuPage still leads the pack with 160 total registrations. Together, all participating schools have generated 621 registrations. In addition, kudos to Erin Kasper, president of Students for Organ Donation at the University of Illinois for writing this Letter to the Editor. Western Illinois University’s student newspaper also ran a story today about the Campus Challenge.

We’re also very excited about this week’s new Mini-Challenge. We’ve officially designated Friday, October 24th as Donate Life Facebook Status Update Day!

Here’s how it will work. Students will be reaching out to members of their school Facebook groups throughout this week to encourage participation. Feel free to do the same!

On this Friday, October 24th, anyone and everyone who wants to participate can do the following:

Update your Facebook status!

Please use some variation of the following message:

Have you joined Illinois’ organ donor registry? Register to be a donor at http://www.DonateLifeIllinois.org!


Help {enter school name here} win the 2008 Campus Challenge! Register to be an organ donor at http://www.DonateLifeIllinois.org!

*Be sure to include “http://” for your link so that Facebook knows to hyperlink.

Update your Facebook profile photo!

Visit the 2008 Campus Challenge Facebook group:

Right click on the Donate Life Illinois logo or 2008 Campus Challenge logo in the group to save the image to your desktop. Upload the logo to your profile on October 24 to match your status update!

Post a Note!

Post a note about the need for organ donors and include a link to http://www.DonateLifeIllinois.org for others to register.

If you’re not from Illinois but want to participate, feel free to replace with the regular Donate Life logo below (same process as above to download via right-click) and alter your status update message while replacing the URL with http://www.ShareYourLife.org.

Drop us a comment if you plan to participate with Donate Life Facebook Status Update Day!



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