Morgan D’ Organ Thanks You For The Vote

Last week, we asked you all to take a vote on Morgan D’ Organ’s Halloween costume and low and behold, 41% of voters selected “Pirate Morgan” as their choice. We thought we’d check in with Morgan this week for a little recap on his Halloween festivities.

Thanks for voting and don’t forget to vote today! It may be slightly more meaningful.


As you can see, I took the advice of the majority of voters on the I Am. Are You? blog and dressed up as a pirate for this year’s Halloween festivities. If you think it’s difficult to explain to people you’re a liver on a crusade to register organ and tissue donors, try to do so as you swashbuckle your way through trick-or-treating!

It’s true, I got many odd looks on my way to filling up my treat bags this past Friday evening but it was all worth it. For each house I visited, I did my best to encourage others to register as lifesaving organ and tissue donors and here’s the best part: sometimes it got me an extra Reese’s peanut butter cup or another caramel apple! I didn’t even know many people took the time to make homemade treats anymore so I made sure to share the wealth.

Watching the numbers for voters choosing my Halloween costume got me even more pumped to watch the polls tonight. Remember, when you vote, like when you register to be and organ and tissue donor, you’re making a choice to impact those around you for years to come. So be informed and help rock the polls today! If you’ve already voted, take a few minutes to make sure your friends and family know where they’re going to vote and while you’re at it, tell them about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

~ Morgan


2 Responses to Morgan D’ Organ Thanks You For The Vote

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