Celebrating a Donor’s Gift

The Joliet Herald-News ran a nice story today about Mary Magee-Huth, a Joliet resident who recently celebrated the eight-year anniversary of her kidney and pancreas transplant. Be sure to check out the story below. In addition, special thanks to Laura Duggan for sending this letter to the editor to the Champaign News-Gazette this week talking about the importance of registering as an organ/tissue donor.


Anniversary reminds woman of donor’s gift
November 7, 2008

Mary Magee-Huth celebrated a milestone last month. Eight years ago in October, Magee-Huth received a kidney and pancreas transplant. Now every year around her anniversary she makes a point of speaking to a local organization, a high school or a church to share her story.

It’s important to Magee-Huth that others understand the importance of being an organ donor and what a wonderful gift it is to be the recipient.

Magee-Huth had been an insulin dependent diabetic for 30 years–since she was 11 years old. Even with the utmost care, years of rising and falling blood sugars can take a toll on the body. For women, having children increases the risks of diabetic complications…Read Full Story.


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